Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secret Service Group Photos: Part 1

As referenced in a previous post, I run a Secret Service Group at my school. The focus of the group is to promote Random Acts of Kindness throughout the school. Each random act they complete is titled as a "Mission" 

Some of the "RAK" gifts my students put together for the Teachers right before the Holidays! This was the groups very first RAK! Our Secret Agents delivered the candy canes to our grade level and specials teachers during recess. Two lucky teachers were chosen at random to receive a pack of crayola markers and a book of stickers as part of the RAK. 

This is the Bulletin board where my Secret service group can find updates about the group! We also fill in the squares for each RAK we do. The goal is to fill up the entire board before RAK week!

The "Agents" also fill-in their Mission Journals at the beginning of the week. To reflect on their last mission. This one from Agent Dragonfly truly touched my heart. 

 Here is another excerpt from a journal response from one of my agents. "It made me feel I'm on the top of the tallest trees."

Sometimes as part of the group, I give the students a Secret Message to decipher. This one was in Morse Code. I gave them parts of the code on the bottoms of their chairs and they had to work together to figure it out. To my surprise one of my 5th grade students already knew Morse Code by heart! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

AIS Secret Service Group

I found an awesome idea for a small group online from The Inspired Counselor blog (which I absolutely LOVE). I decided to try and implement my own Secret Service Group at my school using the blog post as a guiding light. The idea behind the group is to promote RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS (RAKS). Well, let me say, this has already been a HUGE success. Each week, my Secret Agents receive their Secret Missions for the upcoming week. They have until the next group session to complete the mission. Each week, we target a different group in the school.

Here is our breakdown: 
Week 1: Classroom based RAK.
Week 2: Home-based RAK (this was over the holiday break)
Week 3: RAK for Nannies, Guards and Cleaners.
Week 4: RAK for Grades K-1.
Week 5: RAK for Canteen staff.
Week 6: RAK "Create-your-own"
Week 7: RAK WEEK!! (Secret Agents will be completing tasks throughout the entire week and promoting RAK week school-wide!)
Week 8: Closing Session (review of the group, celebration, etc.)

The students complete journals every week as well and reflect on their RAK and how it made themselves and others feel. I will be posting pictures and some of their products soon!